Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rockin' Bridal Shoot

Let it be known... I like to play. Dressing other people up, taking their photos, frolicking about town + getting weird looks from strangers. I love it. My neighbors all probably think I'm wacky as they watch us exit the house lugging gear and made up models in tow... occupational hazard, I suppose :)

Palette de la imaginacion...

Jeni Teran came and did hair + makeup. She is amazing and it's such a pleasure collaborating with her (we worked together on the Victorian Nouveau editorial). A great makeup artist, phenom hair stylist + all around awesome woman. I adore her. Here are some images of her making up our bride and being super cute at the same time...

There's just something about collaborating with other artists and letting everyone contribute... you never know what will come of it and it's ALWAYS a blast! Thanks, Jeni!

Here is a sneak peek of Mary looking rockin' bride couture on the steps...

More to come once the new site goes live! Thanks to everyone else who contributed!

Models: Mary + Matt
Bouquet: Sweetferns
Red + Black Tulle Skirt: MTCoffinz


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