Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Life ~ MA Newborn Photographer

Ok, it's official. I am in the throes of full on baby fever... Sending my little man off to 4th grade at the same time as meeting some of the cutest babies in the WORLD has really done a number on me! If only they could stay this small for just a little bit longer... I guess that's where photographs come into play. :)

Sometimes as I retouch images, one just grabs my heart and won't let go. I probably look like a lunatic... my face lights up, a huge smile comes over me and I may or may not bounce in my chair clapping a little.

This is one of those..... baby *M* looking sleepy, content, beautiful.... perfect. *le sigh*

I want to snuggle with her and rock her to sleep again!!!

Thank you Mark and Jess and big bro *S* for welcoming me into your home. You're such an amazing family and the love you share is so sweet... xoxo

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