Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farewell blogspot, you've been kind :)

If you follow this blog, first off "thank you"... it means so much to me that people enjoy my work and don't get annoyed by my words! I am so appreciative of any and all support that is shown my way as everyone knows... you don't get anywhere alone. The people who stand behind you matter more than anything. More than ego. More than money. Anything... I adore you guys and hope to have you along for the next chapter in the story that is Shannon Grant Photography. :)

That being said, we're branching off and will be focusing on 2 separate brands. Weddings and Boudoir. If you click on the banner, you will arrive at the corresponding blog:

There will be photos, inspiration galore, interviews, tips, trends - you name it... With each focused on one brand, it'll be easier on your eyes and more cohesive to read.

Thank you again for being readers... I'll miss this little blog but it's time to move on :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rockin' Bridal Shoot

Let it be known... I like to play. Dressing other people up, taking their photos, frolicking about town + getting weird looks from strangers. I love it. My neighbors all probably think I'm wacky as they watch us exit the house lugging gear and made up models in tow... occupational hazard, I suppose :)

Palette de la imaginacion...

Jeni Teran came and did hair + makeup. She is amazing and it's such a pleasure collaborating with her (we worked together on the Victorian Nouveau editorial). A great makeup artist, phenom hair stylist + all around awesome woman. I adore her. Here are some images of her making up our bride and being super cute at the same time...

There's just something about collaborating with other artists and letting everyone contribute... you never know what will come of it and it's ALWAYS a blast! Thanks, Jeni!

Here is a sneak peek of Mary looking rockin' bride couture on the steps...

More to come once the new site goes live! Thanks to everyone else who contributed!

Models: Mary + Matt
Bouquet: Sweetferns
Red + Black Tulle Skirt: MTCoffinz


Monday, September 20, 2010

SGP "Tripod"

Well, it's about that time! A year into my business and I'm finally separating Weddings, Boudoir + Portraits into different brands - the Shannon Grant Photography "Tripod" if you will ;)

I've been plugging away at building new sites which will each have their own updated portfolios, unique branding & specific visions. *Phew* It's a TON of work but I'm hanging in there because the end is in sight! And I'm being reunited with older work that I'm seeing in a new light and falling in love with all over again... ahem Jeena + Josh, you're the cutest...

Boudoir is almost finished, Weddings are about 1/2 way done and Portraits won't take long at all. I'm tweaking my current site to be all portrait work - Maternity, Babies, etc).

My only conundrum is where, oh where, do I fit my Fashion work??? I really have to figure it out! That portfolio holds some of my favorite images and if I don't have a home for them on the web - they'll collect dust on my hard drive. *Tear* Unfortunately 4 different websites is not an option right now! Seriously... who do I think I am?? :)

Sneak peek at the landing page...

There are 2 custom designed blogs to be added to the mix.... and new Facebook/Twitter accounts to be made. This undertaking is a labor of love, for sure!

That bottle of wine is calling my name... 3pm is the new 5pm, right? ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th grade + a Mom date!

The J-man has officially started the 4th grade and (my emotional response aside) everything is going smoothly -we're both so excited! He loves his teacher, seeing his buddies and is all set for success. Hoping it lasts longer than his new haircut..

He makes me so proud to call him my son. Every day.

In honor of my "school picture day" rebellion, I'm going to be doing his photographs every year. This is something I'm striving to do more lately anyways - take more photos of this kiddo. He is almost as tall as me and that freaks me out, prompting me to document him while he's still child sized. *sniff*

Here are a couple that melt my heart..

After we frolicked about taking photos, I took him out for a Mom date. His choice of restaurant. Of COURSE he chose Sushi Joy... I've taught him well. ;)

We dined. We talked. We made new memories. The older we both get, I have this anxious feeling that I need to make everything memorable for him. I want him to think back on these years fondly and realize how much he is loved... what better way than with food?

Japanese food is so beautiful - the colors and textures... YUM! Egg drop soup + Spicy tuna rolls

It was the perfect end to a great day... I'd like to make a tradition out of it. The first day of a new school year = photos and a Mom date. I hope he agrees! If not... oh well, I'm Mom and (for now) I'm still taller than him ;)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Worry wart.

As I sit here anticipating the time to go pick up Jacob from the bus and hear about his first day back at school, my mind races. Every which way. I've come to the conclusion that I worry. WAY too much.

I worry about being a good mother. When I was 19, my life changed forever and I became the mom of a beautiful, premature little boy. As the years went by, the challenges changed but my encompassing desire to be a GOOD mom to this precious soul never have. He's my only child, thus, I have no clue what I'm doing most days... I've never done this before and all I can do is go on common sense (or my brand of it anyways) alone. Keeping an open mind, schooling him on the best classic rock and showing him to find the humor in day to day life are lessons I've made sure he learned - they got me through many tough/awkward phases in my life. With all my faults and bad habits, I PRAY he turns out happy, healthy and thinks back on his childhood with fond memories. This is my biggest worry. Failing at being a good mom.

I worry about succeeding in my business. When I finished school and got laid off from my job, I thought to myself... "it's now or never". Shannon Grant Photography was born. The photography part of it comes with time, practice and education... it helps to have super patient, TOUGH as NAILS mentors who give it to you straight no matter your reaction. Which, believe me, was usually watery eyes and a feeling that I was hopeless... They never gave up on me and would be damned if I gave up on myself. The part that is worrisome to me is the business side. I am not a good saleswoman, I freeze up around strangers and I have a tendency to say things like, "sweet" & "awesome". I worry that the first year of business was too slow and I'm going to join the ranks of failed small businesses. Again, with the failure...

Other things I worry about:

1. Home invasions. I watch tons of crime TV... irrational, yes. I blame my overactive imagination.
2. Driving by semi trucks on the highway. I SWEAR they veer closer to you as you pass.
3. Natural disasters.
4. Losing loved ones.

This list is incomplete... there are many, many more. If I'm not worried about one, it's another. If it's not one, it's 2 or 3 at once. For such a laid back person... I carry a lot of worry inside...

How do I stop worrying about these things so I can focus on the positive?? Meditation... counseling? Is there something wrong with me? haha! I feel like one person shouldn't worry this much.

Deep breaths... In. Out.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Face ~ MA Newborn Photographer

Oh, the baby boys... I fall head over heels for them every single time!

He didn't make it easy for us but that makes it all the more worth it when the photos are completed. :)

World, meet baby *D*... you're going to love him!

Thank you to the beautiful couple Melissa & Kenny for inviting me into your home and being so helpful throughout the session! I apologize for the accidents on the comforter.. but just know when you see these photos, you'll find it was well worth it!

Enjoy your little muffin... every single moment is fleeting and savor it while he's still teensy tiny!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Life ~ MA Newborn Photographer

Ok, it's official. I am in the throes of full on baby fever... Sending my little man off to 4th grade at the same time as meeting some of the cutest babies in the WORLD has really done a number on me! If only they could stay this small for just a little bit longer... I guess that's where photographs come into play. :)

Sometimes as I retouch images, one just grabs my heart and won't let go. I probably look like a lunatic... my face lights up, a huge smile comes over me and I may or may not bounce in my chair clapping a little.

This is one of those..... baby *M* looking sleepy, content, beautiful.... perfect. *le sigh*

I want to snuggle with her and rock her to sleep again!!!

Thank you Mark and Jess and big bro *S* for welcoming me into your home. You're such an amazing family and the love you share is so sweet... xoxo