Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farewell blogspot, you've been kind :)

If you follow this blog, first off "thank you"... it means so much to me that people enjoy my work and don't get annoyed by my words! I am so appreciative of any and all support that is shown my way as everyone knows... you don't get anywhere alone. The people who stand behind you matter more than anything. More than ego. More than money. Anything... I adore you guys and hope to have you along for the next chapter in the story that is Shannon Grant Photography. :)

That being said, we're branching off and will be focusing on 2 separate brands. Weddings and Boudoir. If you click on the banner, you will arrive at the corresponding blog:

There will be photos, inspiration galore, interviews, tips, trends - you name it... With each focused on one brand, it'll be easier on your eyes and more cohesive to read.

Thank you again for being readers... I'll miss this little blog but it's time to move on :)

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