Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to Make a Change in Your Life? ~ Book Review, MA Photographer

As a new business owner, I've found myself becoming addicted to learning. Countless hours have been spent reading informative articles online, brainstorming in numerous notebooks and forking over WAY too much money at my local Borders bookstore. Anything to help get me off and running in the right direction - you know, the one where I'm a successful, highly sought after photographer who has stayed true to her style and is known for her winning smile. ;)

Along the way, I come across nuggets of wisdom too good to keep to myself. Thus, this post was written! I just finished an amazing book titled, "Switch! How to Change Things When Change is Hard." by Chip and Dan Heath. If you're looking to change anything in your life - personal, business or otherwise, this book is definitely the place to start. It maps out important steps to making lasting changes and really breaks it down so it's easy to understand!

Highly recommended!!

I can't wait to make some MUCH needed changes in my life. Renew, rebirth, re-energize myself.... there's no better feeling :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tutu cute! ~ Plymouth MA Children Photographer

I finally got to take the brand new tutus out for a photo shoot! An old friend brought her daughter to me and let me photograph her wearing the Purple Vintage tutu. Isn't this just adorable overload???

There are 3 different colors/sizes to choose from and each are unique with touches of hand dyed lace, tulle, and vintage materials. These designs were custom made and are exclusive to Shannon Grant Photography! They were made to go perfectly with my vintage, textured image processing. If you're looking for timeless children photos with a dash of fairy tale... these are perfect!

What can be sweeter than photos of a little girl playing dress up? Seeing the world through their beautiful eyes helps us to remember the magic and innocence of childhood. Everyday was an adventure, a story, a fairy tale... let me capture your child's story so you can remember it always!

To inquire about session rates and availability, please email: Shannon@shannongrantphotography.com


Monday, May 10, 2010

Boston Love ~ Engagement Photographer Boston MA

In a charming park oasis in the middle of East Boston, I got to photograph my very first Engagement session! This gorgeous couple is my first wedding signed on for 2011 and I cannot wait!! They're so sweet and have the best senses of humor.. I just adore them! It's basically impossible to take a bad photo of either one. Plus they got STYLE...

We chatted about how they got engaged. He tricked her and brought her to a jewelry store - she was a bit put off by having to pick out her own ring. I mean, where's the romance in that? To her surprise, he got down on one knee and proposed when she least suspected it. That, gentlemen, is the way to do it!

Their gorgeous, loving, slightly flatulent dog, Chopper, came with and it took all the restraint I could muster to NOT just play with him the whole time and possibly steal him for my own. My anti social cat would not have been amused, thus, I'll leave the dog theft for another day... but man is he CUTE!!

A beautiful day for photographing a couple in love. I had a great time and whole heartedly look forward to documenting the wedding of this beautiful couple. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!

Here is a collage of my favorite images from this session..

I love Boston and I love LOVE.


Monday, May 3, 2010

"Love, sweet love." ~ MA Wedding Photographer (/Adorer of Bridal Showers)

A beautiful theme for such a sweet couple with lifetimes of happiness ahead :)

The rustic charm of Tosca in Hingham was adorned with gorgeous color splashes and accents arranged by Rachael Gross. When she's not being a maid of honor extraordinaire, she's the creative driving force behind lolagraceEVENTS and one of my new business lady friends. We like pretty things.

Some of my favorite details...

click to enlarge

I got about five minutes with the guests of honor and took some impromptu portraits. That's all the time I needed to see that these two are perfect for each other! They're so in love and can make each other laugh super hard. That's really all you need....

Congratulations again to the lovely couple, it was great to meet you! xo

Much love,