Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sneak Peek.... ~ PA Fashion Photography

I can't help it!! Worked very hard retouching photos yesterday from 9am until 2am this morning (with some breaks in between... a girl gets hungry!).

Last month I had the opportunity to work with an up and coming fashion designer from Philly named Nikki, "Bizarre Boudoir". She was such a sweetheart and her clothing kick started some sort of new phase in my photographic style. Part Vogue, part painting..? It's hard to pinpoint but ever since I saw her designs online and spoke with her about doing a shoot together, I've been gravitating to a new direction artistically.. not sure where that will lead me but the ride has been a blast so far! (Except going through NY in 2 hr traffic to get home from PA - not so much!

This journey as an artist is absolutely personal and unpredictable.. I have no idea where I'm heading but I feel like each photo I take is a clue, a tiny inkling of who I want to become as a photographer. I have much to learn still and will figure out my style eventually- until then, I make the photos that make me happy :)

Giant props go out to my models Shawna and Lily! It was a long day; hot and hectic - they made it work AND look beautiful at that... couldn't have done it without you two! :)

Babies galore.. ~ Plymouth Photographer

There are so many AMAZING photographers out there in the world - sometimes you come across a site and it takes your breath away. The ability to inspire someone just with your images is such a gift.. I hope someday to do the same for other people!

I'm surrounded by people having new babies and thus, newborn photography has been in the front of my mind! The tiny hands and feet, soft fuzzy heads and little coo's of a brand new baby can fill your heart with wonder. Some photographers recognize that beauty and capture a small fraction of it in their images... here is my favorite so far that I found in my online travels, Carrie Sandoval. Her work is so gorgeous, it can't help but inspire!

The most talented newborn photog I have ever seen! Please go check out her page, it's breathtaking...

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