Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Boy ~ Plymouth Ma Children Photographer

In honor of my amazing son's upcoming 9th birthday, I've decided to do something I should have done awhile ago... take more photos of him! This age is so precious. He's still a little boy but acts more like a "man" every day (or so he thinks) and it's only a matter of time before he is towering over me! Not even kidding... I give it about 2 years.

Each day in April I'm going to photograph his handsome face so I can document his last days as an 8 year old. My dearest J man, you can thank me later when you're 50 and bald!

To everyone reading this, I hope you enjoy and try to remember to take snapshots of your kids! The day to day moments are just as important as milestones and all you need is a disposable camera. ;) Now to take my own advice....


I had to start early - he's getting a haircut and I'm going to miss the shaggy 'do!!! *Sigh* I just love him....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Belle Boudoir ~ Boston MA Boudoir photographer

Shannon Grant Photography is proud and excited to team up with the super talented makeup artist, Hilary Warner, to offer our very first Boudoir marathon event! If you've ever wanted Boudoir photographs taken of yourself, this is the event for you.

Always classy, never raunchy - our sessions are more of a Fashion shoot than a "stand there, look good and smile" scenario! You will be pampered with hair styling and professional makeup application, champagne and fruit, a luxury suite in one of Boston's gorgeous boutique hotels and a one hour photoshoot that will leave you feeling beautiful - with the photos to prove it!

This a a one day event with limited time slots that will book up quickly! If interested, don't delay and to book your session contact Shannon Grant at 774-454-1080 or email

We're so excited for this opportunity and can't wait to bring a little Boudoir into your life :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chubby and bald = my favorite! ~ Baby photographer Plymouth MA

How adorable is this little guy??? If you answered "ridiculously so" then you, my friend, are correct!

6 months old and full of contagious giggles, baby *D* will pretty much capture your heart... love, love, LOVE him!

*Shannon Grant Photography is currently booking sessions for Spring/Summer 2010. If you're interested in getting portraits done of your little ones, please email me at shannon@shannongrantphotography or call 774-454-1080! Thanks!*


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