Monday, October 19, 2009

Fiesty Atlantic ~ Plymouth Photographer

My friend and I revisited Plymouth Beach last night to marvel in the monstrous sprays of the high tide waves. We listened to some Colin Meloy, got seaweed all over her car and she was patient with me as I took photo after photo - trying to time the windshield wipers with the biggest spray possible - was difficult but we were in for the long haul :)

I submitted one of the photos to the Patriot Ledger and they published it! Hurray!

Here's the image they liked and used in the article:

Here's the link to the article:

Get ready New Englanders, I think we're in for a wild ride this winter!

*goes to make some hot chocolate and snuggle with her little one*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Barn at Gibbett Hill - Matt and Meg's Wedding ~ Groton Photography

The wedding was colorful, the wind was powerful and the people were beautiful. I couldn't ask for anything more :)

Being relatively fresh faced to the business of wedding photography, each venue is completely new and exciting when I shoot there for the first time. It can be scary as it's all brand new to me but that's also why it's exciting! M & M had their ceremony and reception at Gibbett Hill in Groton MA and it was gorgeous. From the cows grazing on the hill to the chandelier lit barn.. I was overwhelmed with the understated elegance of this venue in the "country". (Not to mention.... the FOOD.)

Finding inspiration for wedding photography almost everyday, I have been dying to recreate a shot of a couple on top of a hill with nothing but a broad expanse of sky behind and above them. As Matt and Meg walked ahead of me on our way to shoot formals, I was pleasantly surprised that the hill we were on was just tall enough for me to give it a shot! A kiss on the cheek, wind blowing her dress... needless to say, I am SO happy with how it came out!

In closing I would like to thank Matt for making it OK for me to cry as they said their vows... ;)

Congratulations go out to the happy couple!!! Thank You so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!