Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Behold, the KISS! ~ MA Wedding Photographer

A featured item in every Wedding package from Shannon Grant Photography, the KISS wedding book is a force to be reckoned with. From the moment you take it out of the wrap, you know you're handling one of the most beautiful, well constructed books in the world! The reason KISS is our album maker of choice is because they "Keep it Simple, Silly" ;) Instead of 1 million options and subpar quality, they offer 1 leather book with 7 colors to choose from. The focus is on amazing quality, not bells and whistles. Want to know more? I don't blame you ;) Here you go....

KISS Books are delivered in swank, sexy, cloth dust-covers. These help protect your book in style.

KISS uses only 100% full-grain, natural leathers selected for their grains, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better and are more attractive than fake, bonded-leather covers. They're so ridiculously soft that every book is "cheek tested" before leaving the facility. Now that's quality control.

Nobody likes to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle. For this reason, KISS builds all of their spreads with a micro-fold, not a cut. The binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread can be presented in all of its glory. The photographic paper is Fuji Crystal Archival and it won't discolor like many non-cut books do! The Leather KISSes have a hard 2mm thick substrate between each page which make them thick and more resistant to damage.

Each book design is customized by yours truly to showcase the story of your day. I view the design as a collaboration between myself and my clients - you pick out your favorites and I incorporate them into a cohesive, artistic design. My design style is very modern and clean, leaving the emphasis where it belongs... your gorgeous photos!

Just one more reason to choose Shannon Grant Photography for your wedding. You get a big, beautiful KISS out of the deal ;)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Miami, here I come!!! ~ Boston MA Fashion Photographer

It's Monday morning and things have returned back to normal which means I have time to blog about a certain lil' contest I was dying to win..... and did!! It was pretty intense and was never a sure bet so I was on edge for a whole week. I was in 1st then 2nd, back to 1st, back to 2nd! Ahhh, the craziness of it all! Thank you to all the people that put up with me nagging for votes - you're saints. :)

So, here's what all the fuss was about and why I wanted to win so badly! Kristen Weaver Photography has been in business for a relatively short time (in the scheme of things) and in that time, she has been published a bunch of times, started an international charity (Images for a Cure) and is the go-to girl for stylish brides who want a bit of fashion mixed in with their wedding photography. Definitely a photographer I could learn a thing or two from! At this juncture in my career, I have the confidence in my work, the website to show for it and slowly spreading word of mouth from happy clients - I'm on my way to making a living off of my passion and just need a little direction in the form of a mentor... I want Kristen Weaver as that mentor ;)

Enough about me.... on to the prizes!!

Kristen and I will be spending 2 days together in Miami, FL. One day we will be collaborating on a fashion/wedding shoot and the other we'll be 1/2 relaxing, 1/2 talking shop. The images from the shoot will be professionally edited by Jennifer Frances Retouching. Kristen will shop them around in hopes of publication and I get to sit back with my fingers crossed that someone picks it up! A HUGE goal of mine is to be published this year... seeing your work in print has got to be mind blowing and I am dying to have it happen!

Along with the photo shoot, some generous sponsors will be hooking me up with some really sweet prizes, including:

A year of online proofing and $100 print credit from Collages.net!
3 months of platinum advertising on OneWed.com
2 of Kristen's fav action sets from MCP Actions
AND a hand dandy surprise from Shootsac (man, I hope it's this)

I still can't believe I won and am not accustomed to winning anything... it's still a little overwhelming even 2 weeks later!!!! We're in the planning stages and I'll update when I'm headed down to sunny Florida for some fun, fashion and photography!!

Thank you SO much everyone who pulled through for me! I TOLD you I'd be quieter once the contest was over ;) Your support was astronomical and it drives me to want to do better, be better and succeed more when I know I have so many people pulling for me. I love you and thank you again! You have made this girl feel very lucky indeed.... even if I didn't win!

much love and respect,
Shannon Grant

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Give the gift of Photographs! ~MA Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Can't think of what to give your sister whose baby shower is next month, your cousin who just announced her engagement or your best friend that just bought a new house? You're not alone! It can be difficult to find unique, thoughtful gifts that your friends and family will treasure for years to come. Don't get another pair of slippers or a fruit basket when you can give the gift of custom photography!

Shannon Grant Photography now offers gift cards in any denomination and for every occasion! Simply contact me for more information the next time you need a gift... I'll be happy to provide you with one they'll absolutely love!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter! ~ Plymouth MA Family Photographer

Well, we finally had a beautiful day after all the flooding, torrential rain nonsense! What better way to celebrate the shining sun, cool breeze and Easter weekend than photographing an adorable family... complete with a big blue eyed baby boy!

We had so much fun walking around downtown Plymouth and baby *H* was such a doll with the biggest smile ever. Mom and Dad were SO nice and understanding; they made my job a breeze :)

In celebration of Easter, family, and baby boys with infectious smiles.... here's the little darlin' who stole my heart today!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and hug your loved ones close...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want to be Fused!

Anyone who listens to me go on and on about all things photography, know that I look up to a select few amazing individuals who encompass what I hope for in my own business. One of these talented individuals is Kristen Weaver, a wedding and fashion photographer based out of Florida. In a short time, she's built a solid, well known photo business, has started her own international charity (Images for a Cure), and been published numerous times for her fashion work. She's spunky, honest, positive and someone I could only dream of talking shop with someday.

Well.... to my pleasant surprise, she just announced that she's holding a contest called Photofusion where she basically will take you under her wing for 2 days!!! This could be the career boost I really need at this juncture in my business. 6 months in and I'm ready to GO! My goals for this year include getting published, gaining exposure for my work, working with charities and exploring more fashion work. These are all things she could help me with...and all in the interest of fostering good will to other photographers. She's not asking money for her time, making you lug her gear around all weekend or even clean her bathroom - it's all for the love. The love of photography and teamwork... and fashion. Lots of fashion.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that I get chosen for this amazing opportunity! This is the type of thing I'd love to do sometime in the future, once I've reached some of my goals. Paying it forward and helping out your fellow photographers is what it's all about. Not the money, not the glory.... it's all about the LOVE! ;)

Here's some of my favorite fashion shots so far.....

Kristen, pick me and I'll stop bugging you via email.... promise!! <3