Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Behold, the KISS! ~ MA Wedding Photographer

A featured item in every Wedding package from Shannon Grant Photography, the KISS wedding book is a force to be reckoned with. From the moment you take it out of the wrap, you know you're handling one of the most beautiful, well constructed books in the world! The reason KISS is our album maker of choice is because they "Keep it Simple, Silly" ;) Instead of 1 million options and subpar quality, they offer 1 leather book with 7 colors to choose from. The focus is on amazing quality, not bells and whistles. Want to know more? I don't blame you ;) Here you go....

KISS Books are delivered in swank, sexy, cloth dust-covers. These help protect your book in style.

KISS uses only 100% full-grain, natural leathers selected for their grains, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better and are more attractive than fake, bonded-leather covers. They're so ridiculously soft that every book is "cheek tested" before leaving the facility. Now that's quality control.

Nobody likes to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle. For this reason, KISS builds all of their spreads with a micro-fold, not a cut. The binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread can be presented in all of its glory. The photographic paper is Fuji Crystal Archival and it won't discolor like many non-cut books do! The Leather KISSes have a hard 2mm thick substrate between each page which make them thick and more resistant to damage.

Each book design is customized by yours truly to showcase the story of your day. I view the design as a collaboration between myself and my clients - you pick out your favorites and I incorporate them into a cohesive, artistic design. My design style is very modern and clean, leaving the emphasis where it belongs... your gorgeous photos!

Just one more reason to choose Shannon Grant Photography for your wedding. You get a big, beautiful KISS out of the deal ;)

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