Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sneak Peek.... ~ PA Fashion Photography

I can't help it!! Worked very hard retouching photos yesterday from 9am until 2am this morning (with some breaks in between... a girl gets hungry!).

Last month I had the opportunity to work with an up and coming fashion designer from Philly named Nikki, "Bizarre Boudoir". She was such a sweetheart and her clothing kick started some sort of new phase in my photographic style. Part Vogue, part painting..? It's hard to pinpoint but ever since I saw her designs online and spoke with her about doing a shoot together, I've been gravitating to a new direction artistically.. not sure where that will lead me but the ride has been a blast so far! (Except going through NY in 2 hr traffic to get home from PA - not so much!

This journey as an artist is absolutely personal and unpredictable.. I have no idea where I'm heading but I feel like each photo I take is a clue, a tiny inkling of who I want to become as a photographer. I have much to learn still and will figure out my style eventually- until then, I make the photos that make me happy :)

Giant props go out to my models Shawna and Lily! It was a long day; hot and hectic - they made it work AND look beautiful at that... couldn't have done it without you two! :)

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