Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to Make a Change in Your Life? ~ Book Review, MA Photographer

As a new business owner, I've found myself becoming addicted to learning. Countless hours have been spent reading informative articles online, brainstorming in numerous notebooks and forking over WAY too much money at my local Borders bookstore. Anything to help get me off and running in the right direction - you know, the one where I'm a successful, highly sought after photographer who has stayed true to her style and is known for her winning smile. ;)

Along the way, I come across nuggets of wisdom too good to keep to myself. Thus, this post was written! I just finished an amazing book titled, "Switch! How to Change Things When Change is Hard." by Chip and Dan Heath. If you're looking to change anything in your life - personal, business or otherwise, this book is definitely the place to start. It maps out important steps to making lasting changes and really breaks it down so it's easy to understand!

Highly recommended!!

I can't wait to make some MUCH needed changes in my life. Renew, rebirth, re-energize myself.... there's no better feeling :)


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