Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th grade + a Mom date!

The J-man has officially started the 4th grade and (my emotional response aside) everything is going smoothly -we're both so excited! He loves his teacher, seeing his buddies and is all set for success. Hoping it lasts longer than his new haircut..

He makes me so proud to call him my son. Every day.

In honor of my "school picture day" rebellion, I'm going to be doing his photographs every year. This is something I'm striving to do more lately anyways - take more photos of this kiddo. He is almost as tall as me and that freaks me out, prompting me to document him while he's still child sized. *sniff*

Here are a couple that melt my heart..

After we frolicked about taking photos, I took him out for a Mom date. His choice of restaurant. Of COURSE he chose Sushi Joy... I've taught him well. ;)

We dined. We talked. We made new memories. The older we both get, I have this anxious feeling that I need to make everything memorable for him. I want him to think back on these years fondly and realize how much he is loved... what better way than with food?

Japanese food is so beautiful - the colors and textures... YUM! Egg drop soup + Spicy tuna rolls

It was the perfect end to a great day... I'd like to make a tradition out of it. The first day of a new school year = photos and a Mom date. I hope he agrees! If not... oh well, I'm Mom and (for now) I'm still taller than him ;)


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  1. Oh gosh, Shannon! TEARS
    I too, have a fourth grader ... he's my only kiddo and your post speaks to my heart. What a beautiful tradition. xo