Monday, September 20, 2010

SGP "Tripod"

Well, it's about that time! A year into my business and I'm finally separating Weddings, Boudoir + Portraits into different brands - the Shannon Grant Photography "Tripod" if you will ;)

I've been plugging away at building new sites which will each have their own updated portfolios, unique branding & specific visions. *Phew* It's a TON of work but I'm hanging in there because the end is in sight! And I'm being reunited with older work that I'm seeing in a new light and falling in love with all over again... ahem Jeena + Josh, you're the cutest...

Boudoir is almost finished, Weddings are about 1/2 way done and Portraits won't take long at all. I'm tweaking my current site to be all portrait work - Maternity, Babies, etc).

My only conundrum is where, oh where, do I fit my Fashion work??? I really have to figure it out! That portfolio holds some of my favorite images and if I don't have a home for them on the web - they'll collect dust on my hard drive. *Tear* Unfortunately 4 different websites is not an option right now! Seriously... who do I think I am?? :)

Sneak peek at the landing page...

There are 2 custom designed blogs to be added to the mix.... and new Facebook/Twitter accounts to be made. This undertaking is a labor of love, for sure!

That bottle of wine is calling my name... 3pm is the new 5pm, right? ;)

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