Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Revelations ~ MA Photographer

So.... I've got a couple issues and a big, bright Reveal bulb just lit up over my head.

I've found it moderately difficult to keep up with blogging and my social media sites for a couple different reasons. One is the undeniable urge to NOT bore the crap out of everyone - be it with never-ending self promotion or seemingly meaningless personal details. We've all known those people - they get a quick "delete" off your friend's list. Thus, I've limited how often I post online and to what extent I share my life with my readers.

Also, as outgoing as I may be, I'm also painfully shy. Opening up to the WWW is scary - let alone telling my clients that I LOVE heavy metal and also photographing newborns. The fear of being judged.... it's that comfortable fear that we nurse since grade school. If I keep this piece of myself hidden, they can't ridicule me or tell my crush that I think his new haircut is super cute... old habits die hard. Is that the saying? Maybe it's bad habits... either way, they're still kicking around my subconscious and have long overstayed their welcome.

Being a modern day photographer, you have to have a strong internet presence that radiates your personality. This is where I've been lacking. Lord knows I have the personality... ask anyone who has attended karaoke night with me. Its my internet presence that has been neglected and I believe these insecurities are why. How can anyone invite me into their lives to photograph them and feel 100% comfortable with it if I don't invite them into mine first?

For better or worse, I've decided to change. Post more personal glimpses into my life. Admit my mistakes and offer advice to other photographers starting out. Share more and strive for more. Smile in the face of judgement. I'll offer more of myself to the world and accept what it offers in return. Because if I'm going to do this and do it right, I'm going to do it ALL the way - as openly and honestly as I can.


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