Wednesday, February 10, 2010

....and now for some romance ~ Boudoir photographer MA

All I have to say is... what a small world it truly is! Imagine my surprise when an old classmate of mine from elementary school contacted me regarding Boudoir photography. It was definitely a pleasant surprise! I LOVE reconnecting with familiar faces from when I was younger... it's such a trip to catch up and see how everyone is doing. :)

It was a yucky day outside - snow and slush as far as the eye could see - but that didn't bother us... we had some romantic images to take! Shooting for a book, I concentrated on getting artistic portraits of Ms. A - we did about 5 different looks and in record time! She was a pleasure to photograph and spend time with... I cannot wait until the wedding!!!

With her gracious permission, I would like to share some photos!

Her 10x10 Boudoir Book w/photo cover

The hinged pages lay flat and are coated for UV protection, giving a glossy finish

Some favorites...

Boudoir sessions are a great way to treat yourselves, ladies! Sure they make great gifts for your significant others but, come on, what's more fun than getting made up like a model, having a photo shoot and getting gorgeous products? Not much ;)

I always approach these sessions looking to make something artistic and definitely feel we achieved just that!

Hope you like!


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