Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breathing new life ~ Plymouth MA Photographer

Every so often, you gotta shake things up. Spring is just around the corner (it is, I promise!) and with it comes rebirth. The trees are green again, flowers bloom, bugs come out to play... my birthday whisks me into the late 20's... haha! For the most part, I love this season! :)

I also love my photos and feel they should reflect who I am, as a photographer and as a person. This is why, in the spirit of the coming season, I'm revitalizing my portfolio. I'm going to take more chances, be bold and never apologize for breaking "rules". I will be dabbling in textures, experimenting with colors and really letting myself play! I'm excited to start shedding my old approach and be more true to my personal style.. wherever that may take me.

Come along for the ride and I promise it'll be anything but boring ;)

On that note.... bring on Spring please!!


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