Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday afternoon sweetness ~ Child and Newborn Photographer Plymouth MA

Children are the sweetest little things. They really are. If I could have 10 more and run a successful business at the same time, I would! Alas, I am happy with my 1 little dude and can at least get it out of my system when I spend time with other people's little ones! ;)

Big sister *A* and newborn baby *R* are both super young. Their ages can be difficult to photograph and getting the 2 sisters in a photo together could have been quite the project.... To my pleasant and grateful surprise, these 2 ladies were absolute dolls for me. Sure, I chased 2 year old *A* around the house playing peek-a-boo and sneaking shots of her in the process. When getting the newborn photos of Baby *R*, she may or may not have peed on her mom. ;) This is the price you pay when photographing young children and I will pay it gladly! (Sorry, mom! hehe)

This family is so sweet and even fed me homemade pizza after the session. Clearly, they've heard food is the way to my heart. That and sweet kids that let me take their photos :) Thanks for welcoming me into your home and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek!

Big sis showing love to baby sis... so precious!

much love,

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