Monday, July 12, 2010

Maternity Session ~ Plymouth MA Maternity Photography

Hello all and I hope you're enjoying the hot, humid New England summer as much as I am! That said with only a TINY bit of sarcasm as I am enjoying it when it's not over 80 degrees. ;) I've been a very busy bee this month so far and have fallen a bit behind on my blogging. Please forgive me and allow me to make it up to you!

I'll start with this super cute maternity session I photographed in Plymouth MA - downtown and by the beach. It was a scorcher of a day (go figure!) and Jess was the best sport lugging her baby belly all around town. She literally did anything within her power to humor my spontaneous posing ideas and locations. Thank goodness her super funny gentleman, Mark, was there to help keep spirits up and smiles cracking. :)

They schooled me on some new Indian food that I actually LOVED! Chicken Satay and other items that I had never tried (and subsequently forget the names of) were SO good. I washed it down with an Indian iced tea (the orange kind) and enjoyed the company of my friends/subjects for the day. Every time I see them (which is not often enough), I have such a good time and feel blessed to have so many good friends, near and far.

That being said.... on to the photos! Here is a collage of some of my favorite images from their session.

*click to enlarge*

A fun slideshow featuring all the images from their session!

Little baby *M* is going to be so well taken care of and loved by these 2 amazing people! I can't wait to meet her and see her in those cowgirl boots. :)


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  1. These photos are so cute that they make me want to get knocked up just so you can take my pictures :)