Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vintage Boudoir ~ Plymouth MA Photographer

Merry Christmas Eve to all! Before all the family get togethers, champagne, food and presents, I got a chance to sit down and retouch a recent photoshoot. Peppermint mocha latte from Dunky's in hand, I opened up my programs and got to work. The only question was what kind of post work to do?? Colorful, Black and white, soft, contrasty - the options are endless.

I may be late on the "old is new again" train but I am borderline obsessed with vintage imagery lately. I grew up in the "MTV" era where sexiness is portrayed as scantily clad, morally questionable and more raunchy than classy. There's something to be said for the days of old where the less you see, the more mysterious and thus, extremely sexy. Old Hollywood glamour is beckoning to me and I'm answering the call with camera in hand. ;) I was born in the wrong era..

I love being able to help another woman feel beautiful and great about themselves all while getting whimsically romantic images they can treasure forever. My Boudoir sessions focus on classy and romantic and this new vintage obsession of mine is fitting in rather nicely..

Here is a sneak peek of the lovely Natasha...

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